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Wood'N-U Cedar Chest and Storage Trunk


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Glider and
Planter Boxes

$750.00 for glider
$85.00 for planter box
with plastic liner included

$900.00 for set
glider and 2 planter boxes
* * * * * 
Overall Glider dimensions 
57" wide x 36" tall x 28" deep (and heavy)


Garden Accents
Bear Bench
Pot Holders

$85.00 each
$240.00 for set



Native Red Cedar doesn't have to stay inside a closet.

Cedar can be used for your lawn furniture and decorations. A two seat glider with matching planters will accent your front entrance, or set perfect on your porch. It has beauty and comfort, a combination not always found together. You can add the planters and bear pot holders in various locations to bring a smile to those admiring your flowers and landscape.

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