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Rocking Horses


Low Profile Rocking Horse
From the floor to the saddle is about 16 inches,  
overall length is 41 inches.
Cost is $850.00 (ask about lead time)

 My grandkids have been used as proving grounds for some of my shop projects.  This horse is rugged and can take a lot of use (abuse).  It is a low profile rocking horse with the body made of Butternut or Walnut (Walnut cost varies with availability), with saddle and horse shoes of Walnut, the rockers and platform of Red Oak and Basswood was used for the mane, forelock and tail.  Toddlers & Kids can enjoy it for years, and it will be part of your room's decor and memories for many more.



Hand Carved Cedar Rocking Horse

This carved rocking Horse is made of laminated Red Cedar with oak platform and rockers.  It is hand carved and each horse is one of a kind as the character of the Red Cedar dictates the white and red colors.  I can some what assure there will be contrasting colors but the final carving will be unique to itself.  It stands about 2 feet to the saddle and 42 inches end to end.  Cost is $2500.00 special order 6 month minimum lead time.  This is truly a special piece and requires time to create.

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