Wood'N-U Cedar Chest or Storage Trunk

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Wood'N-U   Trunks & Cedar Chest Styles:

Blanket Chest

Vertical Style

Captain's Trunk

Raised Panel

Norwegian Style

Steamer Trunk

Flat-top Style

Specialty Trunks

Bridal Chest




Specialty Trunks made to Order

Features Intarsia designs, wood carving and wood burning. The trunk is relief carved into front, then I cut and shape each feature of the design from selected woods using the heart wood and sap wood to achieve different shades while paying attention to the grain needed to complement the design.  Then as needed I wood burn high lights and other features.  Trunk costs will vary with trunk style and Intarsia design.  Pick one of my trunk designs or send me a picture of your favorite pet or animal and I'll provide you with a cost estimate.

2 bears - Butternut Small (25.5 x 19.5) Vertical Blanket Trunk - $580 

Bald Eagle on an Oak Flat Top Trunk - $795


 Yellow Lab on Oak Flat Top (or your pet) $725


Oak (Medium Color) Small Vertical Blanket Trunk $550

Buck Deer on Butternut Vertical Blanket Trunk - $750




                Hunter Scene on Butternut/Walnut Flat Top Trunk - $750                                        Minnesota Vikings on Walnut Blanket Style Trunk - $750



              Bald Eagle on Oak Vertical Blanket Trimmed in Walnut - $825               Walnut/Hickory Cross on Oak Flat Top trimmed Walnut - $680 


     Three Bears on Butternut Vertical Blanket trimmed Walnut - $750    Horse on Butternut Blanket trunk accented with Walnut - $750


                  Boston Terrier on an Oak & Walnut flat top trunk                     Eagle and Buck on smaller blanket camel top trunks


Mare and Colt on Oak Flat Top Trunk $760

Specialty Trunks made to Order

  (Note all trunks shown are previously built and sold but can be built special for you)


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