Wood'N-U Cedar Chest or Steamer Trunk

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Steamer Trunk

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Steamer Trunk
Oak with Black Walnut straps shown above
and Cedar lined Walnut in picture on the right.

Large lift out trays


Steamer Trunks
The steamer style is a fun design, the one shown is made with Red Oak and Black Walnut.  It has a slightly rounded top but is available with flat design.  What is unique is the contrasting wood varieties that adds eye-catching character.  All the brass detailing with the leather handles gives authenticity to the steamer trunk style.  The tray is a very large lift out tray shown in Oak to the left, can substitute Aromatic Cedar as shown.  

Overall size of the trunk is 20" wide x 18" tall x 36" lg. 
You can order this trunk in Oak, Walnut, Hickory & more.                               

Base Price:  $695 with large lift out tray 
Cedar line your chest for more of that aromatic scent - $40)

Oak frame and straps Walnut panels

Walnut with Oak straps


Walnut and Walnut straps

with antique brass hardware







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